How To Earn 6 Figures From Email Marketing

How To Earn 6 Figures From Email Marketing

Email marketing is my FAVORITE way to make millions of dollars in a business.

One recent email my company AppSumo sent made 6 figures in PROFIT… in only 24 hours.

Heck. Yes.

Email marketing wasn’t just a one-hit wonder for us either. It’s my #1 marketing trick in the multiple 7+ figure businesses I’ve started (including Sumo and AppSumo).

Today, I’m going to show you how you can be successful with email marketing in your own business.

It doesn’t matter if:
– You’ve never sent an email before
– You’re not collecting email addresses yet
– You still haven’t launched your product or service

These principles can help you make money with email marketing now. Or, when you’re ready in the future.

Learn how to make 6+ figures per email from me, the founder of AppSumo, and Ayman Al-Abdullah, the President of AppSumo.

3:41 Strategies to co-partner with other sites and makes lots of $$$
6:43 Common email mistakes costing you money
10:11 How much time should you spend writing an email?
11:53 One tip which can DOUBLE your email revenue
13:40 Proven methods to find your unique email “voice”
16:29 The copywriting tip experts use to get better


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