How To Generate Traffic To Your Website NOW – Get Free Website Traffic To Make Money Online

How To Generate Traffic To Your Website NOW – Get Free Website Traffic To Make Money Online

If you are starting a new website, you will need traffic to generate interest and possibly sales. There are lots of videos on Youtube showing you how to generate traffic. Some of this information is very misleading because what you need is real visitors and not some fake website traffic where robots are just refreshing their page.

When a website is first starting out, you do not need as much targeted traffic as you simply need visitors so that Google knows you are a legitimate and useful website for your viewers. In this video I am going to show you the fastest way to start getting indexed in Google and showing up in the search engines. Once you have established your website after a few months, you can go back and change the posts however you prefer to generate more targeted visitors who will want to buy items from your website.

You can use Kickstarter and Indiegogo to turn your invention idea into a reality but you will still need to build a working prototype. While I prefer Kickstarter for my crowdfunding projects, both offer the opportunity to start your career as an inventor.

In this Invention Therapy session, we will be discussing the importance of branding your product idea. The name of the product does not neccessarily come after you have built your prototype. Often times, the name of the product comes during the design process when creativity is flowing. The name and branding of your invention idea can direct the course of the design, packaging, marketing and all other steps along the way to fullfillong your invention dream.


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