How to Get More Cake Orders

How to Get More Cake Orders

Wanting to grow your business, get more inquiries and have fully booked out weeks (or months!)?

Then you, my sweet Caker, need to be Marketing. And one of the #1 ways to market (that I always recommend/suggest) is going to the markets.

EVEN IF YOU HAVE DONE the market before, stay with me, because I’m sure you haven’t done them like THIS before.

Note – markets can be expos, festivals, shows, night markets, boot sales, exhibition, charity event. Anything where you are in the community.

10 Reasons Markets Rock –
1. Make a bit of cash.
2. Gets you out of the house.
3. Potential customers can find you.
4. Give out business cards.
5. Get cake orders on the DAY of the market.
6. People start to recognise your brand.
7. Have a Cake Order photo album.
8. Direct people to your website and Facebook page.
9. People take photos and share.
10. Can actually build up your email list and sell to your email list …..

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