How to Get Women Interested in You – 2 Handy Tricks You Can Use Today to Attract Women Effortlessly


It is an obvious fact that women prefer certain kinds of guys. In fact, some guys exist who seem to attract any woman naturally. Women happen to take more notice of such guys and they work hard to get these guys to notice them. You must be asking yourself what women see in that kind of guy and therefore the big question is: what do women look for when it comes to guys?

Getting women to focus solely on you would be any man’s dream. The hardest thing for guys would be getting ignored by the girl he is interested in. So, what can average guys do in order to get themselves noticed? Here are several effective tips on how to keep women interested in you:

1. Be Presentable at All Times. Although being attractive is definitely a standard when it comes to scoring dates, being presentable is more important. Always take time to groom yourself properly before heading out since women will definitely take notice. Men who look shabby will instantly be disregarded, while men with good haircuts and trimmed beards instantly get noticed. Stay with the usual: shave everyday and stay clean. If you happen to like cologne, opt for mild scents. Wear well-fitting clothes and don’t opt for those that are too loose or too tight.

2. Practice Reverse Psychology. This happens to be a great method when it comes to attracting women. Women are more than ready to scare men away who seem too available or too ready to do their every wish and are too excited to please them. Women prefer challenges in men. In fact, this tactic has helped a lot of men succeed with the women of their choice.

Now that women are noticing you, what should you do next? The minute a woman’s attention is all yours, make her swoon with the use of hypnosis. One such technique, called fractionation, is known to be able to make women swoon into their seducer’s arms in 15 minutes. Amazingly powerful, but highly controversial at the same time.

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