How to Have Quick Weight Loss Before the Wedding


I needed quick weight loss before my wedding so, about a week ago, I joined a gym nearby. I have yet to exercise or join a class in the gym but I was getting married in a short 6 weeks and I am panicked about losing a few inches. I tried the Wedding Day Diet and it somehow didn’t work for me. With all of the meetings, and plans for my wedding, it was so very hard to stick to a plan. But I really needed to lose weight for my wedding. My fiancĂ©’ wasn’t requesting it. He loves me the way I am. And I am about 20 pounds overweight. All I really wanted to do was lose 14 pounds before the wedding, and then after the honeymoon, my hubby and I could work out at the gym together. But, it was hard for me to follow someone else’s recipes, someone else’s schedules and eat someone else’s food choices! What I needed was something tailored to meet my weight loss needs and I needed it to work within the first few weeks.

To lose weight quickly before the wedding I had thought about getting a personal trainer at the gym but that cost 50.00 an hour and right now all my money is going toward my wedding day. I asked my friends and family to help me with healthy recipes, food plans, support etc. and they are doing that. But it is still hard when they have their own busy lives.

I did not want to resort to pills or supplements either. One time I took a well known dieting pill and ended up in the bathroom until it was out of my system. Can you imagine me on my honeymoon and being sick the whole time? Or worse yet, being jittery walking down the aisle?

So how do I lose weight before a wedding but making sure I was fit and in good health? I marched up to the gym I joined and asked one of the trainers some questions. They were very helpful in giving me some suggestions. Here are their suggestions and so far I am doing well with only about 2 weeks to go.

– Make sure the plan is healthy; they say brides and grooms usually are not getting proper nutrition. You can say that for sure!

– Wake up one hour earlier and just simply walk; I am already loving it. My hubby to be is also meeting me to walk and it takes care of a lot of the stress too, and we get to spend some chill time together. (We don’t talk about the wedding as a rule)

– Take a good multi-vitamin. This is a good choice since I have not been doing this lately. It seems to help my metabolism.

– Join an online plan that seems to work for many of their other clients.

There are many online portals for diets and weight loss. And guess what! They are less than the diets you see advertised on TV, they are ready for immediate download, and believe it or not, they come with everything!

The one I chose started working right away. Within days my scales are going down…oh, yeah, they told me not to look at my scales but what’s a bride to do? So I did.

Okay, now I am at day 14 and the best thing is I am a new person, new goals, new energy, and I can’t wait to get back and go work out at the gym! My recommendation is that you try anything that helps get you away from the stress, exercising just a little more and a good workable plan that will put you on the right track. The only thing that is keeping you back is YOU! You have to take that initial step and make it happen. You can lose weight before the wedding. It’s really easier than you think! So, good luck and let me know how it goes!

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