How to Heal Glaucoma Naturally


What is Glaucoma and can it be healed naturally! Glaucoma is a condition caused by excess pressure inside the eyeballs. Most people never realize they even have it.

By the time the first symptoms show up it is too late to do anything about it. Later symptoms include a narrowing of the field of vision which makes it seem like you are looking at the world through a hole. Glaucoma can also lead to blindness if it is not detected in its early stages.

The main causes of Glaucoma are poor circulation in the eyes, plugged up outflow channels and insufficient drainage. These symptoms are caused by too much stress, strain, outside interferences and too many toxins in the body.

The only known cure for Glaucoma consists of tension reducing medication or draining the fluid from the eyes. Both of these methods only work to relieve the symptoms and not cure the problem. In most cases, the pressure usually returns or even leads to other complications later.

People with Glaucoma tend to have an intense and anxious attitude toward life. They are afraid of unexpected situations and tend to worry about everything which only causes more stress and strain on the eyes. Fear of the unknown starts to consume their lives. They dwell too often on negative emotions or resentments. This is only making the symptoms worse instead of taking steps to try and fix the issues.

Anyone suffering from Glaucoma should seek medical attention because left untreated in the beginning stages can lead to blindness. However, learning how to relax your eyes can start reducing the strain which can invariably cure this disease. Some stimulating drugs that should be avoided during this process are coffee, tea and nicotine.

You can start by learning how to relax your eyes each night before falling asleep. What you want to do is picture in your mind that you are relaxing your muscles from head to toe. Concentrate more on the muscles around the eyes. When you are fully relaxed before falling asleep, this will also help you get a much better night’s sleep and wake up refreshed each morning.

Glaucoma can be healed naturally when you learn how to relax the eyes. These are natural steps to curing this ailment.

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