How to Hook Up With Women? Learn the Sleek Moves and Seduce Hot Women Tonight


You don’t need hypnotism, spells, potions or insane chants to start attracting girls and hooking up with women tonight — there are actually more practical and effective ways to do it. Now, knowing how to hook up with women is a skill and it would take tremendous self-confidence, guts and aura to be able to pull this off more smoothly. Below are the some sleek moves on how to hook up and seduce women tonight:

Go ahead and sit beside her.Don’t do this abruptly though, you should be warned. It’s downright going to make a woman jump off her seat and get scared by your “advances.” Make sure you’re already making eye contact with her across the room or sending flirting signals before striding over and getting a little more intimate. Knowing how to hook up with women is a style.
Strike a conversation. Pick up lines are overrated so forget about it — engage her in a real conversation. After a few pleasantries and a little comment about the drinks, ask her opinion about something. Genuinely be interested with her answer, as if you’re more interested with what she has to say than her amazing cleavage. Don’t make it look like you’re hitting on her (even if she probably thinks that already). Just be real. And interesting.
Don’t hang around too long.Say you have to be somewhere and then ask for her number. Be observant. If she shows signs that she wants you to stick around, stick around a little bit more — but make her feel you’re in a hurry. Once she’s given you her number, squeeze a few more hints if she wants to come with you — now that’s getting incredibly lucky.

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