How To Lose 10 Pounds A Week


However if you want to learn how to lose 10 pounds a week, you should consult with healthcare experts and dieticians. To be able to shed ten kilos of your body within seven days time is not to be treated lightly. To look good you have to maintain a certain weight according to your height. There is no doubt about this, that a slim trim, figure attracts more attention. It is better to avoid drastic and severe weight loss programs, as the result can bring along with it a whole lot of negative and long lasting consequences. With a week system, you have more chances to get infected and become susceptible to various kinds of physical deformities. According to doctors, practically, it is not impossible task of the reduction of ten pounds a week but patients can experience episode of physical weakness, nervosa, loss of energy and mental stress if the dietary program is not well fitted to that obese person who wants the rapid nosedive in the reduction of over-weight of the body.

Few Important Factors

There are people who get attracted to crash weight loss programs that promise to take away your extra pounds within a week, but unfortunately, they will only land you in physical and mental deprived condition. All these people just see their commercial profits and offer you something that is not possible. They make up their success stories and misguide you by showing pictures of ‘before’ and ‘after’. No medicine in any part of the world has been successful till date, so as to help you shed off extra kilos overnight, by no means or methods. A professional dietician will be able to guide you correctly and help you understand your body needs before you set to lose weight. They guide you through the process and their concern for your welfare will be the utmost priority.

Along with restricting your diet it is a good combination if you start to adopt some exercises as well. If you take nutritious food stuff and do exercise regularly you must lose weight fast. Losing ten kilos the 1st week, may not be possible but as the time goes by and you dedicate yourself to your new balanced routine you are bound to show signs of healthy body. As the body is changing its routine so it requires stamina to withstand the changes that are new to its metabolism. Consuming fewer amounts of carbohydrates in your daily diet will start showing the result sooner than you think. These are the few of those things that add to your weight. Salt must not be taken excessively. However several dressings of fresh salad, anti-oxidant fruits and green vegetables are much conducive to the building of health and rapid lose of fat and weight.

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