How to Lose Belly Fat in Just Minutes


If you are like me then you do not like spending money on a gym membership that costs a bundle but is hardly used. If you look to lose belly fat in just minutes then you have come to the right place. It is quite intense but very brief and includes a very aggressive cardio workout. The workout takes only minutes and burns up a couple hundred calories at a shot, not bad huh?

So, here it the method on how to lose belly fat:

Start by running in place or alternatively you can do jumping jacks. Spend about two to three minutes doing one of these exercises as intensely and quickly as possible. It may be difficult but it is one of the most important parts of the workout so make sure you do it right. Remember to focus on the fact that you are losing weight.

Next, you will be doing an exercise called the “Mule Kick.” The right way to do this exercise is to stand with your feet right below you and try and kick both legs up toward your buttocks. Essentially, it will feel like you are trying to kick your backside. You need to do this exercise for two to three minutes with this exercise and watch the belly fat go goodbye.

OK, here is the next two minutes: Hit the floor for some good old fashioned pushups. Make sure you do the pushups so that your arms are parallel with the ground. In other words, make sure your body goes all the way down to the point that it all but touches the ground but does not actually do so.

Now, you spend the next two minutes going back to doing the running in place or doing jumping jacks. Once again, remember to think of the fact that you are losing body fat. The more you get into the workout the more the belly fat sheds. The key is to keep up the intensity while doing these exercises for the few minutes that you are involved in them.

In these last two minutes you should ride a stationary bike on the highest level possible for two minutes. This part is critical to the entire workout and if you are seriously want to lose belly fat in minutes then you have to use this time of critical mass to “go for it.”

On a final note: make sure you do these exercises on an empty stomach as this is proven to be one of the most important things you can do in order to lose belly fat.

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