How To Lose Love Handles For Men

.tags Men have a lot of trouble with losing their love handles. Because of various hormones and Mother Nature, men tend to hold a lot of their weight around their torso and mid section. There are many names for it such as the spare tire, muffin top etc. And when it comes time to beach season, it can be quite embarrassing for some. It was for me.

Thats why I pursued a degree in Exercise Science to finally know what exercise and nutrition was all about. Im glad that I did as well as my personal training clients. Here are some quick tips for men especially that you can use right away to get rid of the love handles.

First of all, stop eating junk food. Cookies, candy, cake, chips, beer, wings, dip, and ice cream. Throw it all out. If its not around you wont eat it. Plain and simple.

For your diet, I want you to be consuming the least amount of carbs as possible. When you have a large mid section, you tend to be more insulin resistant. This just basically means a lot of your carbohydrates will get stored around those pesky love handles as opposed to being burned off. You need to minimize these as much as possible. This will force your body to start burning fat to survive as opposed to the food you ingest.

Next I want you to start consuming more protein in every meal. Protein is actually 30% more thermogenic than carbs or fat. This means that your body has to burn more calories to break down the protein you just consumed than carbs or fats. You will also need the extra protein to help repair the tissue damage you are going to have from doing the extra exercise.

Next is your exercise routine. I dont want to get into too much detail here because this can vary for everyone. Basically, exercise at least 3 times a week. Performing a combination of weights and cardio. Go do the weights for 30 minutes working each muscle group on the machines than hit the treadmill hard for another 30 minutes. It doesnt get much simpler than that.

Remember, this is only a basic routine, but one that definitely works because I have given it to clients in the past and it has worked. Remember, just keep doing what you are supposed to do everyday and you will eventually get to your goal.

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