How to Lose Weight Fast for Women


Wondering how to lose weight fast for women? Well because we have different metabolisms and we’re built differently than men, it definitely is a little different.

These tips I’m about to give you work especially well for women, as well as the little weight loss secret that helped me a lot that I’ll discuss at the end of this article.

So getting back to your question, you want to learn how to lose weight fast for women, right? Well you probably already know this, but the answer lies in 2 things- diet and exercise.

Don’t worry, I don’t expect you to starve yourself or spend all day in the gym!

Diet- What you eat, not just a fad!

Your diet is what you eat every single day- not just a fad you follow for a few weeks or months to shed a few pounds. And the truth of the matter is if you want to know how to lose weight fast for women, then you need to know how to follow a good diet.

So what is that? Generally its focusing on eating lots of fruits and veggies. Because women have slower metabolisms, we can’t digest as many meats and breads as men can and get away with it.

We also can’t eat too much junk food and expect to stay very thin (although I admit I love chocolate just like everyone else!) We can eat a little, but just not a whole lot.

Another thing to know about how to lose weight fast for women is that dairy is not as necessary as a lot of the “experts” say. You can get plenty of calcium from eating certain veggies like broccoli, and it’s a lot easier to digest than dairy.

Exercise- You won’t spend all day in the gym, don’t worry!

To be honest, its not necessary to exercise at all to lose weight fast for women. However, it definitely helps you see results much faster and you’ll feel more energy throughout the day.

Really if you just aim for 20-30 minutes a day, then you’re doing much more than you may think. When you do that though, make sure you do some aerobic exercise (like walking or jogging) as well as some to build muscle (like pushups or squats).

That way you’re toning your body by building muscle but also burning a lot of calories with the aerobic exercises.

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