How to Lose Weight – Steps to Success


Everybody wants the perfect body, or as perfect as we can be. For 90% of the population it will remain only a dream.It’s a sad fact, but true, most do not possess the will power to begin and maintain a more healthy lifestyle. But I truly believe that if you give yourself the opportunity, you can see just how much fun exercising can actually be.

Should you begin such a routine, let me be the first to congratulate you and offer some free advice. I have been exercising most of my life and one thing I discovered was that exercising in the mornings paid better dividends than any other time of the day.Fat loss is more noticeable after early morning workouts.

We are all aware that water is a vital component to our health and well being. We must hydrate properly. Especially when exercising, because we obviously lose more water through perspiration. Water has a direct effect on bodily toxins, metabolic rate and on the biggest organ of the body the skin.

Before doing the cardio workouts start on the resistance training. The first twenty minutes of a workout is crucial as the body does not burn out any fat during this period. So instead of the cardio exercises do some warm up exercises that stretch and relax the muscles, avoiding the formation of cramps or sprains during the workout done at the later stage. This will also increase the metabolism which will lead to weight loss.

As well as not hydrating properly another flaw in most workout routines, is skipping breakfast. If I had to miss any meals breakfast would not be one of them! Along with the morning exercise breakfast will keep your metabolism ticking over for a much longer time throughout the day. In actual fact it’s this continual increased metabolic rate that will serve you very well in your weight loss venture.

Once you have decided on a regimen, either yourself or with the aid of a fitness advisor, stick to it. One problem I see many times is we are put off by others in the gym. Not intentionally, but nevertheless if we compare ourselves continually with others it can do more harm than good.Our small successes dwindle in comparison to what others have and are achieving. But don’t let that put you off, keep at it. You will begin to see the changes to your body.

Everything about losing weight, fat loss, etc. just seems to be so difficult. I am sure that’s why most fail. One more thing that I know we all find hard to take are changes to our lifestyle. Start making choices that are not the easy route. By that I mean, take the stairs, not the elevator, walk to work instead of riding(if you can), park the car further away from the supermarket entrance, to force you into walking more. Anyway that you can make yourself more active will work wonders on your health and stamina.

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