How To Make A Healthy & Delicious Sandwich – Mark Mcilyar’s Healthy Sandwich Tips

How To Make A Healthy & Delicious Sandwich – Mark Mcilyar’s Healthy Sandwich Tips

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How’s it going, everyone. Mark here to show you that the easiest thing to make in the entire world – a sandwich – is actually a healthy meal.

Today is all about nutrition, but more importantly, simple and easy-to-make food. You don’t need to put in a whole lot of effort into eating healthy because the truth is I’m a bachelor and hate to cook… And I got a feeling a lot of you guys out there are in the same boat.

Sandwiches get this bad reputation as being a food that isn’t good for you. So, I’m going to break down just how easy, delicious, as well as nutritious sandwiches, can be for you. Let’s get started:

0:57 – Choosing Your Bread: Not all bread is created equal.

Don’t be fooled by the packaging label and the company’s marketing – flip the loaf over and get into what’s important: the nutrition label.

Be mindful of serving sizes at the top of the nutrition label. The front might market and tell you that it’s 110 calories, but then you flip it over and then that’s per slice.

You want to stick to bread made with 100% whole wheat flour that hasn’t been processed because when that happens the flour loses its nutritional value.

5:09 – Choosing Your Protein: Almost any meat at the deli is a good option, however, stay away from the sausage.

Here’s the thing – you don’t need to measure your food. That’s for those looking to compete in bodybuilding shows and elite athletes. What you need to remember is to be conscious of not overindulging when it comes to your portions.

6:24 – Choosing Your Spread: Mayonnaise and mustard are two common options that men grab for their sandwich. What you want to do is be mindful of the caloric values, fat content, and sugar content of the spreads.

8:30 – Choosing Your Cheese: A lot of cheese can have quite a bit of fat in it. So, what do you do? Go for reduced-fat cheese.

Cheese can be estrogenic, however, so again – be mindful to not overindulge.

8:57 – Choosing Your Veggies: You can buy pre-packaged and pre-washed veggie mixes in the produce aisle ready-to-go.

These pre-packaged veggies come in large containers that you can use for your next meals throughout the day or for tomorrow too.

9:55 – Choosing A Side: Pickle spears are great as a garnish on the side and for an added crunch to your meal.

Want some potato chips to go with your sandwich? Think again! Grab some of these rice cake chips instead to satisfy that salty and crunchy aspect.

If I hadn’t had to break down every part of picking the right ingredients for your sandwich, this would only take 2-3 minutes tops, guys. No cooking needed for a healthy, satisfying meal. It really is just that easy.

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