How To Make Homemade Humidifier

.tags Problem with dry air inside the house can be solved using homemade humidifiers. Humidifiers have different kinds and they are made to add moisture in air through steam. House moisture can also be increased by hot shower. This also helps in easing clogged nose.

Humidifiers play great role inside the house for it helps in keeping skin’s moisture and prevent it from drying. It also helps in the growth of plants indoors. Apart from these, humidifiers also stop the germs from spreading and alleviate nasal problems. Below are ways on how you can create humidifiers using things you can find inside the house.

Among the many homemade humidifiers, sponge humidifier is the easiest to make. You will need a freezer plastic bag and sponge. First, you have to punch holes on the plastic bag using a puncher. Then wet the sponge using tap water. Squeeze too much water from the sponge and just leave it damp. Place the sponge inside the plastic and hang it inside the area you want to moisturize. You can hang as many sponge humidifiers you like in the room.

You can increase the humidity of the room in front of the bathroom using the shower. Simply leave the hot shower running for at least five minutes. Make certain that the bathroom door and the room door in front it are closed. When five minutes have passed, open the doors of the two rooms to let the steam get inside the room and add moisture to the air.

A room can also be humidified using boiling water. To do this, boil water in a big pot. Close the lid of the pot with boiling water. Then bring the pot of boiled water in the room. Place it above a wooden table. Open the lid for the steam to go out.

There are also other things that can be done to address the problem with dry air other than using humidifiers. To deal with humidity, drink a lot of fluids such as juice, water and tea. Taking a shower also helps. Just make sure you take a warm shower instead of hot shower. Apply skin moisturizer afterwards.

Now you know how to make a humidifier. Hopefully, your humidifier will help you solve your dry air problems.

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