How to Make Hummus Recipes Better!


Many people who are making an effort to eat healthier are trying to prepare more of their foods at home. One thing that can be great to make at home is hummus. This dip that comes from the Middle East can make a healthy snack, but also works really well as a sandwich spread. If you would like to make hummus at home, here are a few ways to make your hummus recipe even better!

If health is your primary motivation, one thing that you will want to consider is starting with dried garbanzo beans rather than canned. Not only will this help the nutrition of your beans but it will also make for a better dip. The reality is that just about all cans contain BPA, which is a toxic substance known to cause several health risks in humans. Numerous studies have linked it to the development of cancer. All food that comes from BPA laced cans ends up with this harmful toxins in the food. By starting with dried beans you eliminate your potential exposure to this harmful substance. Another benefit of cooking your own beans is that your hummus will taste better than it would have if you had just started with canned beans. The heat helps to cut a great deal of the acidity in the garlic. It also helps the flavors to combine much better creating a richer tasting dip. Quite simply, making your own garbanzo beans is one of the best things that you can do to ensure that your dip tastes as good as it possibility can.

There is certainly nothing wrong with a basic hummus recipe, but there are also many different ways that you can enhance the flavor of your dip. If you have a herb grinder you can finely chop some herbs and add them to the dip. There are few things that offer such a great opportunity to enhance the flavor of a dip that do not also add in unwanted calories. And, depending on what you like there are many different options. My personal favorite is cilantro because it really adds a kick to the dish but you can also use parsley, chives, mint and basil.

In addition to fresh herbs, you can also add in other things to make the dip even tastier. Roasted red peppers, sun dried tomatoes, and olives are all good choices. An added benefit of using roasted red peppers is that they have enough moisture in them to eliminate the need for additional oil in your dip to achieve the right consistency. No matter what add in you decided to try, pair it with the appropriate herbs and you have a real winner!

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