How To Make Women Chase You – Women Would Be Literally Addicted To You After This Point


Ever wonder what rock stars and celebrities have that make women chase them? It’s the fame, the face, the power. Well, in case you do not have any one of these, fear not. Read through these four tips and learn how to make a woman chase you.

Dress smart and keep your body clean. Women are flamboyant, with all their make-ups, clothes, shoes, etc. do you think dressing lousy would make them look at you? No. you have to live up to their standards. And the best way to do it is to dress smart.

Choose clothes that just fit right. Not too tight, not too loose. Also, wear a perfume that smells fresh. Not the nose-irritating ones. And remember, the most important thing is to keep your body clean all the time.

Having a well-cared body makes you look and smell fresh inside and out. Always keep in mind that fancy clothes and perfume are not going to help when you have poor hygiene.

When you are talking to a woman, look her in the eye.Women fall head over feet for men looking them straight in the eye when conversing with them. So when you get to date the woman of your dreams, give her a stare that will pierce through her soul.

Looking a woman in the eye gives her an intense and unexplainable feeling, and the next thing you know, she’ll be wanting your attention all the time.

Be the guy next door. It is a given fact that women love to talk. It is their way of getting close to someone. One of the best weapon you could equip yourself with, when trying to make a woman chase you is to try to be there for her all the time.

Be the approachable type of guy, and give her the impression that when she is in need, you’ll be her knight in shining armor.

Be on top of your game. What best way to make a statement into impressing a woman than being the best you are in everything you do. This is the reason why a lot of women love celebrities.

Men playing in movies are all the super hero type, the best guy in town type. Well, it s not possible. In many ways, you can be on top of your game – whether be at your community or at work. Do the best in every little thing that you do, and you will be recognized.

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