How to Plant a Bare Root


You can plant anytime from November to spring. The weather in these months is neither too hot nor too cold, so in this weather the root establish well. The garden tools you require to plant a Bare Root tree or shrub is a spade, fork, stake to tie the tree to, rubber tree tie, wheel barrow of well-rotted manure, metal stake sleeve to hammer in the stake, gloves, protective clothing should be worn and water. There are not hard and fast rule to plant a bare root tree, shrub or plant. You just need to follow few steps.
First, buy Bare Root plant you want to plant from a nursery in the early spring months. It is not necessary to buy a particular plant. You can buy roses to make your garden beautiful. You can fruit tree or any vegetables to get natural flavors. No doubt, the root dormant stage can last up to two months. You need to soak your bare root plant in the bucket of water. The roots remain in the bucket for several hours as soon as you get them home. You must trim off the broken or damaged roots. Secondly, dig up the soil; make sure the hole is not too deep or too wide. You need to dig a whole deep enough so that the top of the root is just below the surface of the ground. To a successful growth open the roots with your hands and dig the hole one and a half times according to their width.

The tree will be at the proper height, if form a cone of soil at the bottom, center of the hole. It should be high enough so that the roots will sit around easily. You must spread the Bare Root plant’s root, so that they can encircle the cone of soil.  hedging In case of planting a tree, hold the tree straight and surrounds the roots with soil. Use your hands to anchor the tree as well as its roots. Leave the whole area slightly lower than the ground level so that the plant can get enough water for survival. Do not forget to water the tree as soon as you finished the procedure.

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