How To Prevent Snooping Houseguests

.tags So you have made the big move to Philadelphia from your small Pennsylvania town. Maybe it was for school starting college for the first time, or pursuing a graduate school course of studies. Maybe it was for a job a big promotion, or that first entry-level position everybody dreams about, especially in an economy like this one. Maybe it was for love you followed your sweetheart there, or he or she was already located in Philli. But it any case, you are here now, excited to be unpacking your stuff, settling in, making a new group of friends and forging a social life, and getting to know every caf and fine dining restaurant in your new neighborhood.

You are just getting settled, when all of the sudden you hear from a good old friend from back home. He or she wants to come to Philadelphia to visit. You are so excited you have not seen this person in months, or maybe even for years! It will be amazing to reconnect and share your new home. You will take your friend through colonial downtown, to your favorite coffee shop, to the best stand for getting a Philli cheese steak, and to see the famous steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art that Rocky ran up and down (heck, maybe you two will even run to the top together!). But then your friend drops the bomb he or she is bringing three of his or her closest friends! You do not know these people, and you are not sure you even have enough couch space to house them, but being the reasonable and flexible person you are you realize that you can probably squeeze them in somewhere, so you tell them it is okay. But now that all of these strangers (or virtual strangers) are coming to stay at your house for a few days, there are a number of things you need to consider. One of them is your home security.

Obviously, you would assume that your dear friend is not going to bring any people who are serious threats to your home security into your apartment although it has been a while since you have last seen each other! But there are smaller home security issues that you might neglect to consider. One of them is snooping. Sure, lots of people like to casually look through a medicine cabinet when they are at a party, to see if their host or hostess has multiple bottles of Viagara, Lithium, or yeast infection cream stowed away. It is a natural curiosity. But some people will take this further letting their eyes and their fingers wander into dresser drawers and cabinets, and into files on ones computer.

So with this in mind, protect your home security by snoop-proofing your house. Take valuable and personal items and put them in a safe in your room. Add a password to your computer if you do not already have them. Remove bank statements or other personal data from coffee tables and other common spaces. And of course, enjoy your time with your friends old and new!

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