How to promote your business with your own event series and speaking at other events

How to promote your business with your own event series and speaking at other events

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In this tutorial, I explain how to promote and market your business with events by hosting your own event series, or leveraging existing events that are organized by other organizations or people. Personally, I have done this with every business I have ever tried to start, and I find this to be an extremely effective marketing strategy for a number of reasons.

The biggest reason I like to promote my business with events is that you are able to reach a modestly sized audience with which you are able to make a strong connection because the events are face to face where people meet and talk to one another. This is very different than most types of scalable online marketing because while you can reach many people online, it is hard to forge a true relationship with them because all people can see is text, links, pictures, and at best video.

Once you are able to create great business relationships by networking with people at events, you can get them to become fans of your business, and to help you by promoting your business, introducing you to interesting potential contacts, and other benefits that can arise over time as you maintain the relationships that were started while you were promoting your business with events.

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