How to Save Money When Going to Disney World


As you probably already know, Orlando, Florida is a very popular vacation destination for a lot of people for many very good reasons. Being located in central Florida, you are close to a lot of popular resorts and tourist attractions in and around Orlando. And the most popular attractions in Orlando by far would have to be the theme parks.

Everyone has their own favorite theme park, but the most popular one would have to be Disney World. With all the Disney characters that a lot of us were introduced to as a kid and grew up with, no matter what your age is, you still identify with those beloved animals.

If you have ever been to Disney World, you know how expensive it can be. All the theme parks have an admission to get in, and once inside there are so many more things to do and see such as entertainment theaters, parades, special tours and dining where all these things will cost you additional money. Well, let me give you some money saving tips for your next visit.

1. Shop around on the internet, local newspaper or magazines for any package deals. Usually you can find pretty good deals that will save you money.

2. If you stay at a particular resort, you can usually get discounted Disney World tickets or maybe even 1 or 2 day free passes. Any resort that offers free or discounted passes, these will very from resort to resort.

3. If possible, visit Disney World during it’s off season. Off season is between September and mid February. The crowds won’t be as big (except on holidays), the temperatures will be cooler and you can find even bigger discounts during this period.

4. Always eat outside the park when possible. The price of food inside all theme parks is outrageous. If your staying in one of the resorts, you will likely have a kitchen area where you can fix a nice breakfast before heading out for the day. For lunch and dinner, I suggest one of the numerous fast food or family restaurants. Packing a lunch is also a good ideal.

5. When you arrive at your destination, by a local newspaper and look for any additional coupons for the park your going to.

Hope these tips help you save money so that you can do more and enjoy your time better.

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