How to Send the Perfect Welcome Email

How to Send the Perfect Welcome Email

In this video, I will show you the 10-point framework of the perfect welcome email.
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When a subscriber opts into your email list it is a big deal. This is a potential customer, who have shown interest in you and now you must make a stellar first impression before he or she has forgotten all about you! Remember, the first email is the one and only chance to show what you got. If you miss it, then they have already made their opinion about your brand so make sure to make it original and personal.

Therefore, the subject line of your welcome email must be clear and persuasive. My advice? Go for the straightforward subject line. Secondly, you must be personal. You want the newly won subscriber to feel special and give them a feeling of you being grateful for them to show interest in you. That’s why you also should include a warm thank you.

But before thanking anyone, you have to start your welcome email with a boom. The first line is where you separate yourself from the rest and show your subscribers that your company is something special and that they surely don’t want to forget about you. There is no magic formula to this and it is not easy, but you have to be persuasive, engaging and authentic to your brand voice. Check out a great example here:

Next thing you should do is to tell a very good brand story. When telling the brand story right you can make the subscribers emotionally invested in your business and trust me, you want that! Every decision we make is based on our emotions. Including the purchasing decision!

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