How to Start an Embroidery Business | Webinar

How to Start an Embroidery Business | Webinar

How to Start an Embroidery Business | Webinar

In this webinar recording you’ll learn some of the basics of getting into the embroidery business and the fundamentals of a commercial embroidery machine. When you’re done, please visit for more information about the commercial embroidery business and the equipment it takes to make run profitably.

The embroidery business is one of the most consistent and profitable businesses in decorated apparel. It has a LOT of advantages as both a home-based, part time business and a full blown commercial or retail shop.

– Space Requirements – a single head, 15 needle embroidery machine like the Pantograms GS1501 is designed to fit through a standard doorway. That means that you can set it up in any back bedroom or office AND since it comes with a wheeled stand you can roll it into a closet when you’re not using it.
– Portability – the same features that make it take up less space help make it easy to transport as well. The GS1501 will fit in the back of an SUV and only takes 2 people to easily lift and set up. Perfect for markets, fairs and mall kiosks.
– Low Cost Supplies – some custom apparel and t shirt businesses require a BIG investment in supplies, like ink or toner or vinyl rolls. Embroidery supplies are very cheap, and the system comes with enough supply to get you started.
– Versatility – embroidery is such a wide ranging business! You can make money embroidering on just about anything.. t shirts, polos, jackets, pillows, blankets, draperies, towels, gifts… whew!

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