How To Stay Slim Forever Secrets

{flickr|100|campaign} I often wonder how she maintains her slim figure, I know she doesn’t go to the gym and I’ve surely watched her eat her way through a massive buffet dinner more than once. So how does she do it? No belly fat, no cellulite, no extra pounds anywhere on her!

After years of being surprised, I finally asked her what her secret is, how does she stay slim and fit without ever seeming to be on a diet, never counting calories, and not working out? After thinking for a few moments, as though this was something she never bothers to consider, this was her answer.
Life is for enjoying, and this includes food. I eat when I’m hungry, I eat what I love, and I don’t own a scale. I’m a fanatic about eating healthy though, well, most of the time, I do love an occasional brownie or hot fudge sundae. Besides from my few vices, every ingredient in my meals needs to be nutritious and I hardly eat out, except those buffets we go to. I make simple, good meals at home with lean beef and chicken, lots of fresh vegetables, brown rice and other whole grains and a wide variety of natural herbs and spices. I never think about calories, just health, and fresh, wholesome food. I eat lots of low-calorie fresh fruits, nuts, and plenty of good natural cheeses to complement my meals. Processed food just does not go into my grocery cart. Again, not because I am counting calories, but because the more processed the food, the less healthy it is.

I also don’t dwell on any kind of exercise routine. I find gyms and workouts a bit of a pain. What I do is walk, every present day. With my dog, alone, running errands, for pleasure and as a mode of transportation. If I have to use the car, I park way out at the edge of the parking lot. This burns a few calories, I don’t do it for this reason though, I do it because it’s healthier to walk! I also don’t own power tools; I hang my laundry out, and enjoy gardening. I move a lot. Oh, and I don’t have TV so no sitting on the couch. I sleep at least eight hours a night, which they say helps with weight loss.

The diet pop hasnt passed my lips. I drink green tea without sweeten all day long, which I think boosts energy and really does help burn calories. It is the most refreshing drink, quenches your thirst, and does count towards your daily water intake. Plain water, 100% fruit juices, and a little wine now and then round out the drinks.

Well, that’s her secret. I honestly was surprised; there is nothing magical about it. She eats as she enjoys, uses her body for work and transportation, and sleeps well- sounds simple enough!
What do you think about these little secrets?

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