How To Stop Food Cravings

.tags Im sure many dieters would agree that dieting would be easy if it wasnt for the temptation to cheat by eating! Whether youre trying to pass up a plate of cookies at the office or an extra helping at dinner, it can be very difficult to say no. Many times it is easy to convince yourself that you deserve just a little treat and then you find yourself scarfing down double or even triple the portion size that you were intending. Allowing yourself small treats while dieting is important so that you stay motivated and dont feel deprived, but you will find yourself walking a fine line between a small treat and overindulging.
So how do you say no to your temptations and cravings? Here are three ways that you can resist your food craving and have success in your diet.

Keep Energy Levels High
Have you ever felt sluggish while on a diet? When you cut back calories, your body has less energy to function on, which can cause you to feel mentally and physically tired. The more tired and drained that your body feels, the more likely you will be to compromise on your diet when temptations come your way. In order to keep your determination level high, eat 4 to 6 smaller meals throughout the day so that you have a more consistent level of energy.

Keep Your Focus
The easiest way to set yourself up for a dieting disaster is to not set goals or track your progress. Start out by weighing yourself and then set realistic weight loss goals. Although it might not seem like much, aiming for a pound or two each week is the best goal for long term weight loss. Continue to weigh yourself regularly at the same time every day so that you get an accurate measure of your progress so far. Dont be discouraged if you gain a little some days. Making a chart to track your overall progress can be both encouraging and motivating.

Enjoy Occasional Treats
Dieting is not about deprivation. In fact, depriving yourself of entire food groups, like sweets, is often setting yourself up for failure. Treat yourself when you meet weight loss goals. Allow a little wiggle room in your diet for special occasions. So next time youre at a party, dont be afraid to have a couple of goodies. Just make sure to keep your plate full of healthier choices like veggie sticks, so that you dont have to feel bad about the small piece of dessert that you enjoyed.

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