How to Stop Hair Loss During Menopause


The doctors don’t know exactly why this happens, but most would agree it has something to do with the slowing production of female hormones. Everybody produces testosterone even women. What keeps women’s in line is the estrogen. However as she starts the change of life (menopause) it will combine with an enzyme named 5 alpha reductase. This is what causes DHT. And when that reaches the hair, the women will experience thinning and loss of the hair.

There are many other women problems that can cause hair loss as well, and these contribute to menopause in women. Like thyroid disease or problems. However what the case might be there are many things you can do to prevent this process. If you have a lot of hair loss you should consult with a doctor. But for people with mild hair loss here’s some tips to help you. Below are a few ways to fix this problem!

1. The first thing is to approach the problem at the root of your hair, do this by putting in your body what it needs, a healthy nutritional diet.

2. Stress is an extremely major part of hair loss. Try to keep your stress down to minimum. Practice things like Yoga and other exercise programs to keep your stress down. Not only are they healthy ways to exercise but great for reducing stress.

3. Natural hair loss treatments are a cheap and great way to stop hair loss. There are many available treatments in forms of pills to shampoo’s and even conditioners available to help with this. Talk to your doctor if planning on taking pills to make sure there aren’t any side effects or reactions to the drugs you currently take.

4. Take vitamins. There are many vitamins today that are hair healthy. Some are A, C, folic acid and more. Be cautious about how much vitamins you consume because it can cause you to lose your hair if taken too much.

5. Don’t over brush your hair. The follicles are very sensitive and this will irritate them and cause them to die.

6. Don’t rub your hair.

7. If you wear hats, wear them loose so your blood can flow easily to the scalp.

Every one of these tips can and will lead you to a fuller healthy look! Remember to stay healthy, exercise and watch what you eat. Do this and you have nothing to worry about. Every woman will deal with it sooner or later!

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