How to Stop Smoking Explained


There are a number of places that claim they have the tools that will show you how to stop smoking. Certainly, there are a number of things you can do for success. Those topics we’ll cover in this article. It is important to understand that the process can’t be successful until you make the determination in your mind that you want to quit smoking. If you are ready, then proceed in reading the tips the follow.

Settle on a Date

You can keep pushing it off to the next Sunday, but it is often a good idea to make a firm date and settle on it. This will require you to commit to the process. Mark every calendar you own and the one you have at work as well. This will help you remain focused and motivated. During this part of the process, it is usually a good idea to tell your friends and family about the date as well. They’ll be the ones that offer you solid support as you quit.

Begin to Reduce Available Cigarettes

People who try to quit aren’t normally successful if there is a carton of their favorite brand of cigarettes around. As your quitting date approaches, begin to switch to buying packs. This will help you to be free from temptation to keep going one more day if they aren’t around to bother. If you want to know how to quit smoking, then this will prove to be a vital step to keep in mind. When the big day arrives, toss out your lighters, ashtrays and everything else that reminds you of smoking. If you want to keep something with sentimental value, put it in storage for now. The more you see tempting items, the lower your chances of success are.

Transfer Your Cigarette Breaks to Something Fun

Your body will be trained for awhile to become aware of the normal breaks you take. Since even gum won’t curb this problem, take the break, but use you mind instead. If you are at work, play a game of solitaire, if you are at home, crank up your favorite song and sing along. These will distract you until the craving passes and you’ll be in good shape to press on until the urge goes away.

Make a List of the Things You Value

Cigarettes shorten your life and can take away the things that mean the most to you. On a slip of paper you keep in your wallet, write the things that you want to quit smoking for. Maybe it is there to be with your daughter when she gets married. It might be because you care about your health. Keep these things in mind and anytime you have a craving, pull out this list and decide if the cigarette is worth it.

Cinnamon Helps

A valuable tool during this process will be cinnamon flavored items. For some, it might be candy that is flavored and others prefer toothpicks. When you first set out on quitting, be sure you have a good quantity of these on hand and pop on in your mouth when the urge hits. They will help you to succeed.

It is important that while you learn how to quit smoking, you keep in mind that the process won’t be easy. This isn’t to discourage, instead it is being mentioned because when you do finally get over the nicotine cravings, you will have overcome something many people never do and that is something you can brag about.

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