How to Stop Smoking Now


What is the absolute best way to stop smoking now? If we had the answer to this question, there would not be as many people struggling with the desire to quit and still finding themselves unable to put down cigarettes. There are ongoing studies that are designed to see if a person can stop smoking now if the rewards are high enough.

In the U.S. and Europe, there are studies being conducted on paying someone to stop smoking now. Although the underlying theme to this method seems to be bribery, the future money that would be spent on healthcare is what is being considered.

Money is a great motivator. How many reality shows have you seen on television that shows you just how far people will go for money? So, is it that far-fetched to think money could be a motivation to get people to stop smoking now?

According to Reuters, a region in Scotland has approximately 200 women who have stopped smoking after being offered money to do so. The previous year the results were not as promising with only 6 who stopped smoking. The idea must be catching on.

As studies continue into the best methods that can be found to help people stop smoking now, there have been many that are still in the trial stage. For example, one is a nicotine vaccination that does show promise, but it is still being tested. The many products on the market today – gum, patches, nasal spray, lozenges and more – do not seem to be doing the trick. There are still many, many people who smoke and more who start smoking every day.

When you decide to stop smoking, you will find yourself counting the days since you quit. Actually you will be counting hours to start. The first hour, the first 4 hours, the first day, the first week and so on will all be milestones for you. When you get past a couple of weeks and are working on a month, you may think you have accomplished what you set out to do. This may be true for some but others are entering a dangerous time.

When you follow through on your stop smoking now plan and you get to the first month anniversary or long, you are going to think you have it all under control and you can have just one cigarette. This is why there are so many people that have quit just to start again. The process of stopping this habit is not one that takes 6 months or a year. It is a forever process.

There are people who have stopped smoking 20 years ago that would still love to have a cigarette, but they know what most people do not when they decide to stop. When you stop smoking now you may only be thinking about the present, but it is not just the present. This is an addiction just as sure as an alcoholic who can never take another drink once they give it up.

If you have made up your mind to stop smoking now, you can never succumb to the temptation to have just one cigarette. This is what starts the whole process over again. One leads to another and another and another.

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