How to Tell If a Guy Wants You – The Common Mistakes Women Commit


How to tell if a guy wants you is just another question with few answers. It is either a make or break and sometimes it will not give you exactly what you need. Before learning the ways if he truly wants you, look at the common mistakes women commit just to get the guy want them.

Making excuses for his behavior. You can’t make a man want you by always minimizing his mistakes. If you do this, he will take advantage of you.

Try to change yourself for him. He is not a god that you need to please in order to give you blessings. Always remember that you are you and he is him.

Live your life for him. You can say he is your happiness but that is not an excuse to devote your entire life just for him. If he decides to let you go, your wasted time and love will get back at you through regrets.

Tell him everything. How to tell if a guy wants you does not lie on how much information you can give to him. Don’t make the mistake of letting him know every detail of your life. This is to protect you from the potential heartbreak.

Change his behavior. Whatever you do, don’t attempt to change him into someone you really want. If you want to be accepted who you are, you have to accept him for what and who he is first.

Make him feel more important. By all means, do not make him feel like you are going to lose your life without him. Always put yourself at the first slot on your priority list.

Let him complete you. In reality, he can’t complete you. It is just a common notion that couples should complete and fill each other. You should compliment each other.

At the end of if all, how to tell if a guy wants you can only be answered if you do things that are both acceptable for you and for him. He will want you if you deserve it.

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