How To Train A Child Love Reading

.tags Study found that parents in their children’s reading ability and reading culture love to play an important role, mainly because parents love to read to the children themselves are good Shifan; In addition, parents provide their children a good reading environment is also very important factors, Therefore, often with children to the library, or let children made readily available to read books, have contributed to the child’s interest in reading. The following will provide several methods parents Gucci outlet can use to promote children’s reading ability and foster interest in reading

Continued to read story books for children:
Many parents, after the children can read themselves, and the children were no longer read, in fact, although the children have been able to read simple books themselves, but parents should continue with the book to their children, especially in children before going to bed. In studying the time to listen to children, parents can face more than add some sound and cadence, which only can make reading more interesting, but also help children understand the meaning of punctuation, sentence structure, and the climax of the story or seq.
Encourage your child to read to you:
Parents can read with their children the way to round to read, that is, the parents read a passage or an entire page, and then let the children read a paragraph or page. For older children, the parents may be more difficult to read a book for children to hear, let your child read his favorite is also the most familiar to the parents to listen Gucci outlet online to the book. Do not forget to post to the applause and praise the child when the child in learning a new skill, it is most needed is a parent’s feedback and encouragement.
Discussion with children, the contents of the book:
Book reading time, read through the discussion can be more vivid, for example: Before reading a book at the beginning, you can ask the child: “Do you think this book was talking about?” In the reading process can also ask him: “Guess what will happen next?”, “Do you think how small the protagonist should do?.” But, the discussions with children should be very free, does not need to set good questions in advance, there is no definite answer. Do so only to help children understand the story better, but also to the children the opportunity to practice expressing their ideas.
Family reading time set:
Selected each week for a fixed time, the family members shared reading time, for example, 30 minutes after dinner, we choose their favorite books, their quiet reading, and afterwards can also arrange a small share, take turns saying said his reading experience. Provide for the purpose of family reading time, in addition to regular reading habits to develop Gucci bags the child, and let parents have some leisure time, to read their own books.
Encourage children to express more than words:
Study found that reading and writing are complementary, that is, reading and writing ability is increased with each other, so that parents can through some everyday activities to promote children’s literacy, for example, write words with a simple little paper articles to their children, and to encourage children to respond to words; also encourage children to write their own stories, or the child write down jokes, these are a good way to promote literacy.
In addition, there are many activities in life can promote the child’s reading ability, for example, take the kids to watch recipe or instruction manual, go and read the road signs along with the film’s billboards, bus advertisements. All in all, reading education should start in life, the parents passion for reading will be teaching the children the best.

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