How to Treat Fever Blisters


You’ve got another fever blister, and – darn it! – those things hurt. Of course, you may call it a cold sore, but it means the same thing. It seems like just when you want to look your best for a special occasion, one of these little beauties decides to erupt on your lip, cheek, nostril, or chin. Fever blisters are truly annoying, and the bad news is that once you have the herpes virus that causes cold sore outbreaks, you’ll probably have recurring episodes throughout the rest of your life. How these sores are going to affect your lifestyle is going to depend on knowing how to treat fever blisters.

Not every sore on your face is going to be a cold sore, so you need to make sure of what you’re dealing with prior to trying to treat it. If you’ve already had a number of cold sores, you will probably be able to identify what the problem is. If you haven’t, you might want to go to your doctor for a correct diagnosis. There are prescription medications you can get from your doctor that will lessen the severity of your outbreak, even though they can’t cure the disease.

The reason that many people call cold sores fever blisters is because a fever often accompanies an outbreak as well as other flu-like symptoms. These symptoms can be treated with aspirin or acetaminophen, and you should make sure to get a lot of rest. You can try either an ice pack or a warm compress on the sore to see which method gives you the most relief. There are advocates for both ways of handling the situation. Keep the area clean, and refrain from touching or squeezing the sores. This can result in more fever blisters developing.

In some cases, taking a prescription drug as a preventive measure has been shown to be effective. Although this procedure has not yet been approved by the FDA, doctors have found the treatment to be effective on patients who suffer from six or more outbreaks a year. These drugs can also decrease the incidence of lesions, hurry the healing process, and reduce the size of the lesions.

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