How to Turn a Friend Into a Girlfriend Without Being a Jerk


How many times have you heard the phrase, “women are NOT attracted to nice guys”? If you’re like me, then you’ve probably heard the phrase way too many times.

Unfortunately, most guys will misunderstand the meaning of this concept and confuse it to mean, “If you want to turn a friend into a girlfriend, then you need to stop acting like Mr. Nice and start acting like a jerk to her.”

If this is you, then stop this thinking right away — that is NOT what it means, and acting like a jerk will most likely increase your chances of FAILING to turn that friendship into something more!

Instead of acting like a jerk, the solution is simple. Wrap your head around the concept of, “Stop acting like wimp, and start acting like a man.”

You CAN turn a friend into a girlfriend without being a jerk if you learn what it means to act like a man. Men know how to cause excitement in a woman. They lead interesting lives and the woman is more than happy to share that life with him because it brings excitement into her own life. Wimps, on the other hand, revolve their entire lives around the woman — in other words, their own lives are dreary and boring if the woman isn’t around to make it interesting for them.

Men also know how to make a woman feel special, but only at select times. They have a way of making the woman feel rewarded whenever she does something nice or special for him. Meanwhile, wimps worship the ground the woman is walking on and do whatever it takes to make her feel like she’s the most beautiful, most special girl ever alive — all of the time. While the attention is great at first, over time it becomes to feel contrived; and worse of all, boring. It stops being effective after a certain amount of time.

If you want to know how to turn a friend into a girlfriend, you do not have to be mean and act like a jerk at all. A man can generate the same sort of attraction that a jerk does without treating her like crap in the first place. Men enjoy more long-term success with women, and are overall more fun to be with than jerks anyway.

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