How to Work Through a Weight Loss Plateau by Strategically Eating More


When your weight loss stalls you need a way to break through a weight loss plateau before your motivation on goes away.  Well there is a way to get the scale to start moving again and you are going to love the solution.  In order to blast through a weight loss plateau you must strategically add a day of overeating.  This article explains why it works.

If you are at a plateau you have probably been dieting for a few weeks.  What happens to your body on a diet is that it starts to become inefficient at fat burning.  This is because your body doesn’t really want you to get rid of fat because it looks at fat as an energy reserve that it can call on if ever needed.

So after restricting the amount of food you are eating for a time period your body starts to change hormonally.  Here is what happens:

Your metabolism slows to preserve fat
The hormone cortisol increases which promotes the production of belly fat
The hormone ghrelin increases which stimulates your hunger (big time!)

Can you see how you set yourself up for a weight loss plateau with consistent dieting?

What you need to do to break through a weight loss plateau is to regularly cheat on your diet.  By dieting for 6 days (notice I didn’t say starving) and then taking off and eating more on day 7 your reverse the “bad” metabolic and hormonal changes that come with dieting.

What do I mean by eating more?  Well, you basically take one day a week and satisfy all of your cravings, you can have a pancake breakfast, fast food lunch and pizza with ice cream for dinner.

Yes, I know, you are skeptical.  All I can say is that this has been heavily researched for years and one of the top researchers, Joel Marion, used this cheat method to win the Body-For-Life transformation contest. 

Cheating will boost your metabolism, decrease your body’s desire to store fat and lessen your cravings, it is the way to break through a weight loss plateau. 

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