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Gome Chairman of the Board Huang Guangyu Case in the Beijing Second Intermediate People’s Court (“the Beijing Second Intermediate People’s Court”), the second open court trial, Wong Kwong Yu, the former wife of rhododendrons and the development of Beijing Zhongguancun Science and Technology (Holding) Co., Ltd., Xu Zhongmin be brought to trial.

Beijing Second Intermediate People’s Court yesterday (April 22) open the first instance trial
Country United States Electric Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to GOME), Beijing Eagle Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to Peng Housing Corporation) unit and the defendant Huang Guangyu illegal bribery, insider trading, bribery case unit.

Insider, Supreme People’s Court of Beijing Higher People’s Court and the Beijing leadership were in attendance yesterday’s court hearing. The history of the Chinese trials, three leaders will also attend a court hearing is extremely rare.

Yesterday (April 22) the court did not end until nearly 10 pm. The court case yesterday that will be selective sentencing.

This point, originally expected three days of trial, the end of the day yesterday. Informed sources said the Beijing Second Intermediate Court Criminal Court has established a special task force yellow case. In the April 14, 16 (last Wednesday, Friday) Huang Guangyu said evidence at preliminary hearing the case, the task force have been working overtime to court the night before.

According to “Beijing Evening News” reported to the court of Huang Guangyu, and that once occupied the cover of newspapers “

China’s richest man “Almost half the man. Custody 17 months later, Huang Guangyu face significant lean a lot, look to its 41-year-old age does not match.

Another 15 days, which is May 9, is Huang Guangyu, 41, birthday. The 17-year-old carries a 4,000 yuan on the capital battles Chaoshan youth do not think, they will board the Chinese mainland’s richest man, three-seat, and then reduced to sitting on the dock, facing trial law.

Both defense and prosecution, the judges are “arrogant”
Yesterday (April 22) in the Beijing Second Intermediate Court heavily guarded, usually bustling with action down the reception hall at once deserted. In addition to the case of Huang Guangyu, only a very few from the civil trial.

Less than 7 am, the rain had reporters waiting at the Beijing Second Intermediate Court proceedings reception hall door. Reception hall at 8:30 opened the door, many reporters came in front to receive attendance certificates, to 9 points Huang Guangyu been informed court staff sit in the case of uniform issued by the Criminal Court issued two, “they yesterday attend all the evidence away. “

Yesterday (April 22) about 8:40, Huang Guangyu of defense counsel, the “first person of Chinese criminal defense,” said Tian Wenchang first came to the action reception hall. At first, he sat alone in the basement corner of the reception hall, but still be a few soon

Home Appliances As the media found. Tian Wenchang expressly interview.
About 9:30 or so, Huang Guangyu of another defense lawyer, law firm partner of the Kyoto Yang Cheow Tong hand a black suitcase hurriedly, quickly into the tight encirclement of the media being.

Almost the same time, on behalf of Second Branch of the Beijing Municipal Procuratorate appear to support prosecution of Chun-mei, prosecutors and others, from the Beijing Second Intermediate Court North gate to enter the court. Wu Chun-mei indictment in the capital with “Iron Lady” is known, won the “National Ten Outstanding Prosecutor”, “capital of political and legal system of Talents,” and so, having dealt with “the first Chinese stock market case” Business in manipulating stock prices case. “I feel the material is inherently dry prosecution.” Wu Chun-mei that had its own evaluation.

Learned that Huang’s case the trial judge for the Beijing Second Intermediate Court of Tang Jiyi judge. Tang is the Beijing Second Intermediate Court Criminal Court judges, the presiding judge, who host the “Southern Securities Yang Zenghai embezzlement case” and “the former president of China Construction Bank Wang Xuebing bribery case”, “former Mayor Liang Zhou, Haidian District, Los bribery case” and so on. Tang or “paper crimes against property,” one of the authors, book collecting the Beijing Second Intermediate Court trial accumulated a large number of typical strong, try difficult cases.

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