Ideal Internet Marketing Small Business


Do some looking inside of yourself. Ask yourself what you want?

The ideal internet marketing small business, is anything at all that you wish to do online. No matter what product or service you intend to sell online, your online business will be the business of marketing that product or service. Period. There are books, magazines, and people that will suggest many different, very good to excellent ideas.

However, the ideal one for you can only be determined by you. Again, look inside of yourself. Do you find enough desire within yourself? You very well might.

However, is it the deep down within you desire that will not be put off, or stopped by negative talk of others around you? Can you rise above what others say with your own actions? Can you go against all negative advice because this is what you want? This is the ideal internet marketing small business for you!

Back in the early days, the internet was not very well thought of as an actual business avenue in and of itself, but as a place to advertise your brick and mortar business.

Back then, if you even expressed an interest in starting an online business, you would be told to use the same planning and organization as any other business. The internet was using the same blueprint of business plans, bank loans, forming corporations, business licenses, along with a team of experts, such as an accountant, lawyer, advertising person, sales staff, production people, etc.

Let us look for a moment at the expert accountant. A so called expert of both brick and mortar businesses, and this new thing called the internet.

The following story is from personal experience.

It only took three months to figure out how wrong she was for the internet. She started by spending four hours setting up the books for us. We gave her a copy of the data on our books, so she could do our quarterly taxes.

We received back a large bill and a completely unrecognizable set of books. Apparently, she spent hours moving all the entries into the right categories according to traditional business, but not the correct categories where they made any sense for an online business.

Once a month for the first three months we also went to networking luncheons put on by the accountant. It was a waste of time. No one had any suggestions or discussions that could even begin to relate to business on the internet.

She stopped being our accountant when every conversation with her, was her telling us to go get a job. Instead, we kept plugging away at our ideal internet marketing small business and fired the accountant.

You need the kind of desire to take action. The kind of desire to overcome negative comments from those around you. The desire to not be stopped. The desire to rework unworkable solutions, until you have the ideal marketing small business. A small business which you can truly call your own.

Then, and only then, will you have the ideal internet marketing small business. Then take action and go for it.

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