Implantation Bleeding and Cramping


Each woman who is expecting to carry a baby wishes to identify the symptoms of implantation bleeding. This is because the symptoms are one of the factors that will let her know as to whether she is experiencing implantation bleeding or the menstrual cycle. Further, several women are hardly able to know as to whether the signs are of menstruation bleeding.

Many women tend to mistake implantation bleeding as period especially when the bleeding takes place near the date of the expected menses. They get confuse as to whether it is implantation bleeding or period. In this article, we have highlighted the points of distinction between the two to solve your this puzzle.

Many women must have heard about the sign of implantation bleed that occur in the early pregnancy stage. A research shows that only 33 percent women tend to notice this implantation bleed when they become pregnant. So, this means that majority of the women never notice this sign. There are two reasons behind this. First, the implant bleed might have not occurred at all or the bleeding is so scanty to be seen

One way to check whether it is implantation bleeding or menstruation is to see the time. But, in case of missed period, even this can fail to give you a correct prediction. So, in this case, it is advisable to see the blood flow. The characteristics of bleeding due to implantation are completely different than those of the menstrual bleeding.

Imagine this scenario, You’re trying for a baby, desperate to conceive. Your period is due in around a weeks time. You’ve been feeling quite crampy all morning, you go to the bathroom, and there it is, blood! Now you have start all over again. So you mark it down in your diary as an early period. and eagerly await for next month.

The average is 8 days past ovulation. Once implantation occurs it takes a few days for the small amount of blood to make its way out of the uterus and through the cervix into the vagina. By the time this bleed is noticed implantation is well established. Knowing this makes judging the day of conception even easier in retrospect.

As you notice this bleeding, you would also experience the cramps provided your pregnancy is not negative. But, even if you feel these cramps with implantation bleeding, they alone are not the symptoms of pregnancy. Therefore, for a definite pregnancy, the bleeding symptoms must co-exist with the other symptoms of pregnancy – vomiting, nausea, swollen breasts, fatigue, food yearning, and mood changes.

However, if the spotting is much heavy or the color is red, you are then about to get your menses. It is not mandatory for implantation to last for a day. In most cases, it manifests as a spot and it is certainly due to this that many women fail to see it.

If you are sure of your pregnancy and are undergoing cramps with heavy flow, this is not implantation bleeding. In fact, these signs are of a miscarriage.

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