Importance Of Blog Marketing

Todays mindset article will focus on the importance of blog marketing and how easy it is to enjoy setting up your blog(s) but eventually your focus must settle on marketing them.

If you, like me, enjoying having your fingers in many pies you may find that eventually you have set up 10, 20 or even more than 30 blogs. Every few months you may spend a week or two researching, creating, finding a theme for and
getting ready this blog on your chosen niche. You may even get round to adding a few posts to it.

Eventually though you need to begin focusing on getting visitors to your blog.

Your focus needs to change from blog creation and setup to blog traffic generation and marketing. Nothing can happen in terms of earning an income from your blog if you do not have an audience.

I love blog themes, I am obsessed with photos, I love the way something looks and I actually enjoy putting a new blog together but doing this for my own blog does not earn me any money. And the two or more days it takes to do this could be better spent on driving traffic to my blog instead.

If you have been in a conversation about not having time to go through the plan you may want to look at what you spend your blog business time on. After all once the blog is up, the sign up box has been added, your ecourse or ebook is in
your auto responder and you have set up the categories you want what else is there to do? Absolutely nothing when it comes to blog setup! That is what is so great about running a blog as a business.

Once you have completed all those tasks there are only two things you focus on, on a consistent basis. The first is writing blog posts and the second is marketing your blog using the 60 day plan provided by blog success.

Your blog is up. It is ready. It doesnt need any more tweaking! It doesnt matter about the plugins. It doesnt even matter what color your header is. And no you cant start that new blog on that new industry you just heard about that is guaranteed to make you millions!

You need to focus on the blog(s) you already have in front of you and begin to market them and watch the change. Enjoy the comments you receive daily, watch your clickbank payments as you sell a few products every day. Get a thrill
from the number of new people joining your lists.

Setup is exciting because it is new and you are getting ready but marketing and building traffic can be just as exciting too. If you are a starter who enjoys starting new things but not finishing them this will be especially important for you!

Im not sharing this from not having been through it myself. I joined Blog Success in December 2008 and Jack told me NO MORE NEW BLOGS and I listened. Since that time I have not only increased my traffic but I am enjoying the regular comments and I have picked up a couple of great consultancy clients. So I share this (as I always do) from a place of having been there and done that. My blog
may be more established than yours, which is why I was able to see quick results but you too can still enjoy finally making money from blogging if you focus on content and marketing.

I hope that covers the importance of blog marketing enough that you are now convinced you need to go out and do it. If you have any questions about how to do it leave them in the forum.

Try blog marketing for 3 months and let me know what happens.

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