In The Palace Of The Lord

 In The Palace Of The Lord

The tired traveller after the day’s journey was resting in the room.

Looking out side through the window he was feeling extra ordinary joy.

The beauty of the nature filled his heart with awe and reverence.

The sky was clear with stars and the full moon.


The traveller was lost in ecstacy and felt himself very close to the Lord.

The entire universe was like a palace of the Lord and he was enjoying all the facillities.

What ever he was wishing and demanding were being fulfilled immediately.

All his sorrows,griefs and frustrations were melting like salt in the water.


Looking to the distant horizon he was seeing the Lord sitting on his throne with marvellous gesture.

The Lord’s beautiful eyes were peircing in to each cell of his body and he was feeling blessed.

The power of the Lord was making his mind dance with ecstacy.

He was with folded hands saluting the Lord and forgetting every thing.


He was feeling that all are doing the Lord’s work every day.

Each impulse of our body and mind is being guided by the Lord.

The perfect musician is tuning every body in such a manner that all are working perfectly and sincerely.

Every bit of activity is taking them towards their goal and all are rejoicing.


Lord is the commander and all are marching by His command.

Any deviation from perfection is being taken care of by the Lord.

Everything is being avilable to each in plenty and there is no sorrow and grief.

People by delusion feels sorrows,but actually in Lord’s kingdom there is no sorrow.


The traveller being mesmerised by the creation of the Lord felt elevated.

He realised that everyday he is serving the Lord with all sincerity and zeal.

His mental anguish are being taken out by the Lord and he is always rejoicing.

He is always in the Lord’s embrace and there is no need to weep.


The night was becoming more silent and tranquil.

Imagining the presence of the Lord in the universal palace he was taking a divine rest.

All his dreams and hopes are being perfectly taken care of by the Lord.

So with out being worried he should carry out the Lord’s work with all sincerity in order to get every thing in life.

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