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By qasic on 2014-06-07 18:42:03

In India, the level of processing is 2% for fruits and vegetables, around 35% for milk, 21% for meat and 6% for poultry products.

Fruits & Vegetables

The total Indian market size of fruits and vegetables was $ 47 billion in 2006-07 and is estimated to grow up to $ 75 billion by 2015. Though fruits and vegetables contribute 23% of the overall food industry, its contribution to the total food processing industry is only 4%. The value contribution of processed fruits and vegetables in total fruits and vegetables market is about 7%. Of the total processed fruits and vegetables, only 38% is contributed by the organized sector and rest of the processing is undertaken by the unorganized sector.


Dairy, one of the main contributors to the Indian food processing industry, is also leading in terms of growth prospects among various sectors. The total market size of the dairy industry was $ 45 billion in 2006-07 and is estimated to grow up to $ 83 billion by 2015. The major value in dairy industry comes from the processed category, which is 73% in value terms and 35% in volume terms. Of the processed category, the organized sector contributes 24% and the major contribution comes from the unorganized sector in the form of sweets, home-made ghee and yogurt, among others.

Marine and Fish

The total market size of marine and fish industry was $ 9 billion in 2006-07 growing at 4% per annum. It is estimated to grow up to $ 12 billion by 2015. The processed segment comprises $ 1.2 billion which is 13% of the total industry size.

Beer and wine

Beer and wine is an emerging sector in the Indian food industry. While the consumption of beer is growing at 7% per annum, wine consumption in India is witnessing high growth of 30%. The total market size of the beer and wine industry was $ 2.3 billion in 2006-07 and is expected to grow up to $ 5 billion by 2015.

Buffalo Meat and poultry products

The total market size of buffalo meat and poultry products was $ 5.5 billion ($ 2.2 billion buffalo meat and $ 3.4 billion poultry products) and is expected to grow up to $ 11.3 billion by 2015. The total market is growing at 11% whereas the processed category is growing at 18%.

There is a need to establish an integrated supply chain like warehousing, cold chain and transport from farm gate to the food plate for strong backward and forward integrations. Public-Private Partnerships should be encouraged in the sectors of joint infrastructure projects, R&D, capacity building, information sharing, international branding etc.

A paradigm shift is required in the production system from supply driven towards market demand driven production. It would require collective endeavors of all the stakeholders’ right from the R&D organisations, extensions, market players and the government machinery.

Technology transfer, capacity building and skill upgradation: Strong linkages are to build to transfer the technologies developed in isolation at different public and private research organization to their targeted beneficiaries.

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