Infertility Causes And Treatment Of Male And Female Infertility

.tags Infertility is defined as the failure to become pregnant after one year of unprotected intercourse. There are two types of infertility; Primary infertility, which is infertility without any previous pregnancy; and secondary infertility, when there has been a previous pregnancy.

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Causes of Infertility

Ovarian problems

Polycystic ovary syndrome is often responsible for infertility in women. The rise in the level of androgen, which is primarily a male hormone, causes infertility, irregular menstrual periods and appearance of facial hairs. Ovarian cyst, which could not be cured with medicines, should be removed surgically to prevent infertility. Early menopause caused by certain infectious diseases, such as mumps, tuberculosis and sexually transmitted diseases, leads to infertility.


Endometrial tissues form the lining of the uterus. If a part of these tissues grows outside the uterus, it blocks the passage of the egg, resulting in infertility.

Luteal Phase Defect

If the ovum fails to lodge in the endometrium, a condition known as Luteal Phase defect, frequent miscarriages might lead to infertility.

Abnormal hormone level

Hypothyroidism, which increases secretion of prolactin and thyroid stimulating hormones, may be responsible for infertility. Deficiencies in follicle stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone, caused by hypopituitarism or failure of the pituitary gland, can stop menstruation, causing infertility.

Dealing with infertility

Dealing with infertility therefore requires dealing with the underlying causes. From a dietary perspective, there is little that can be prescribed to increase the virility and viability of a person as these are factors that are controlled by hormones. However a healthy balanced diet will go a long way in ensuring proper hormonal levels. One factor that is advised is to indulge in quality sexual intercourse instead of concentrating on quantity. Other factors include understanding when you are ovulating and also understanding the limitations of having a child after the age of 35.

Home Remedies for Infertility

1.Banyan Roots: Banyan tree roots are considered to be one of the most effective home remedies for female infertility. The usage of these roots is considered to be the oldest tradition and has been used since generations. Mix a banyan root powder into the milk and drink thrice a week. Make sure not to eat anything for at least 3 hours after having this drink. Make sure not to have this mixture during the menstrual cycle.

2.Blackberry Leaves: This is also considered to be very effective and works exactly same as the banyan roots powder. Boil some blackberry leaves in the water and make sure not to use too many leaves. The amount of water should be exactly 5 times that of leaves. Let the water return to the room temperature and drink this water. One can use this remedy thrice a week.

3.Warm Water: Always drink warm water as it helps to clean the intestine, thus improving the reproductive organs. It can be effective to a great extent. Make sure to use it on a daily basis as it helps improve the blood circulation.

4.Exercises: Exercises can help a lot to people who are overweight. Being overweight reduces the chances of fertility and thus exercise can help, if it is done on a regular basis. One can also take help of a coach to know appropriate exercises which can help reduce extra pounds or the flab around your stomach, lower back and thighs.

5.Yoga: Yoga can help one maintain mental balance. This increases the chances of fertility. Meditation can also help to a great extent. Yoga and meditation are always advisable as they keep one balanced, calm and soothed.

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