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Mechanical information easy to see, Welcome to IT afternoon tea time. When the clock struck three, the machinery industry all instant suspended for the afternoon tea every day at 3 pm, HC network and your machine similar. Easy chat machinery, talk with interesting people and things mechanical industry.

Slow time fine chemicals : Interpretation, analysis of hot industry news

2009 Motor Vehicles engine inventory of industry trends

Walk Internal combustion engine Industry century of vicissitudes, 2009, began a new journey, this year, which is worth bearing in mind what happened? Whose Engine Attracted wide attention? Ben Wang hopes to use the relevant Key Word forms with you to review and sum up the year. China plastic machine control level

six gaps exist Development of the industry in China although the presses have been able to meet domestic market demand, but compared with developed countries and regions, there are six gaps, can not be ignored.

Scoop:   Regional news, international trial German woodworking machinery industry nearly half of the market decline

2009 first half, the German timber industry orders fell 63% from a year earlier. Carpenter Machinery Industry Will be said, of which 32% decline in domestic orders and foreign orders fell 69%. Shaanxi-Gansu-Ningxia, Inner Mongolia

equipment manufacturing industry together to create “aircraft carrier”

12 22, Shaanxi-Gansu-Ningxia and Inner Mongolia region adjacent to Equipment manufacturing Industry’s first joint meeting held in Yinchuan City. Meanwhile, according hydrochloride Xiaxin Rui casting, share Mold Enterprises such as the establishment of the mold, finished, sheet metal weldments and heat treatment center listed seven supporting the establishment of the equipment manufacturing industry.

Fresh novelty: A bucketful of fresh, unusual products crazy

China achieved the first large-scale pure hydrostatic cement mill

12 23 Cong CITIC Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. was informed by the company’s independent R & D design of the world’s first large-scale pure hydrostatic sliding shoe brand cement mill in Huizhou, Guangdong tower gantry successfully put into operation. Field data show that the overall system performance of the mill to reach the international advanced level. This indicates that China’s building materials from the mill R & D dependence and imitation of foreign technology into the Innovation Development of a new era.

First set of annual 10 million tons Fully Mechanized Mining Equipment inclined coal mine settled

24, it was from Shanxi Xishan Coal and Electricity Group Energy inclined coal mine Hing news came the first set of annual output of 10 million tons Fully Mechanized Mining Equipment is at the mine face tight construction and installation of 18,105 underground. To date, over 70% of the equipment to go down, half of the device has been installed in place, in January 2010 began trial production. As the device is the first to go down, it also undertook the task of research and experiment in the revitalization of our country, our province coal mine equipment manufacturing industry is of great significance.

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