Information Of Ideas For Making Yummy Christening Cakes

.tags Christening is another name for baptism. So if you are planning to make some delicious christening cakes in order to celebrate this special occasion, then you need to take into consideration the age of the person because this will help you to select the right flavor and decoration for your cake. Like for instance, children usually love cakes with a red or pink icing. To get some unique ideas on christening cakes, just read on!

If you’re looking for a fun idea for your baby shower cake, consider serving miniature cakes! A miniature cake is served to each guest, and made to look like a traditional square building block. Have your baker (or whomever is baking the cake) decorate each one with the letters “B” “A” “B” “Y” and color the frosting to match your theme.

1) Open Book Cake:You can create a religious text in the form of a cake and write a message on top of the cake. For making this cake, you can either use a pan shaped in the form of a book or a rectangular-shaped pan. The choice is yours!

2) Cross Cake:A cross cake is also regarded as a popular christening cake. You can easily make this cake even if you do not have a cake pan shaped in the form of a cross. You can bake this cake in a rectangular-shaped pan.

3) Tiered Christening Cake: If you are planning to throw a party at home and invite some of your close friends and relatives, you can bake a multi-tier christening cake. This type of cake can be prepared with round as well as rectangular cakes. Bake cakes of different sizes and arrange them one on top of the other according to their size, placing the largest one at the bottom and the smallest one on the top.If you are not too sure, then you can just insert dowels made of plastic or wood for support.

With these ideas in mind, go ahead and prepare some delectable christening cakes for your near and dear ones.

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