Insomnia Cures Home Remedies – Home Remedies For Insomnia


Insomnia Cures Home Remedies

Worrying about small-small things in our day-to-day routine has become one of our most frustrating habits these days. And this habit of ours is leading to numerous problems that have no absolute treatment in medicine. One of these ailments is Insomnia- lack of quality of sleep.

You face interrupted sleep patterns in the middle of the night or sometimes early in the morning. Getting more than two consecutive sleepless nights can lead you towards a confused, and abnormally fatigues state of mind. It can also lead to several other disturbing attitude like irritating behavior, depression and various illnesses such as common cold and flu, or in some cases, it can also result in hallucinations, psychosis and delusions. And this can take the hell out of you!

Insomnia can be caused by various factors like job stress, financial worries, depression due to anything, alcohol or drug use, hyperthyroidism, caffeine, sleep deprivation due to having a newborn infant, and a noisy environment. It could be any cause.

Its really depressing to say that most of the Americans are suffering through insomnia due to one or the other reason. And you know how it is usually tackled with? Over-the-counter medications are the easiest way-out for many, and its so unfortunate to say that these ignorant people in order to get rid of insomnia are taking the shelter of many other dangerous side-effects of sleeping pills like: Insomnia Cures Home Remedies



Violent outbursts

Driving while asleep

These sleeping pills are so dangerous that they can cost you your own lives! Some researches have also shown that these sleeping pills can also lead to cancer.

But as we say, that there is nothing on this earth that has no solution to it. And, insomnia is no exception!

You can completely overcome it with a healthy diet and healthy habits if we want a good sleep at night. Here are some of the guidelines you are to follow:

1. Avoid heavy meals- At least there must be a gap of three hours between your heavy meal (if cannot be avoided) and going to bed. And also a walk after dinner will help the food to get digested.

2. You can also go for a glass of buffalo milk before bedtime to get a sound sleep.

3. And also avoid deep fried and spicy food as much as possible.

Also, here are some of really effective home remedies for insomnia:

1. Mix one tsp of honey in a glass of celery juice. Have this juice every night before you go to bed. This will give you a sweet sleep throughout the night.

2. Take some fried cumin seeds and grind them to a fine powder. Now, mix them with the pulp of a ripe banana. Take this paste at night and get a restful sleep.

3. Take some juice of the leaves of the Indian sorrel along with its oil, in equal contents and store this in a bottle. Now, massage this oil into the scalp every night before retiring to bed. This will soothe the brain leading to a good sleep. Insomnia Cures Home Remedies

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