International Call Centers


International call centers work with a network of offshore operations in different countries. These call centers specialize in excellent multilingual on-the-phone translation skills. Round the clock working hours offer the customers the advantage of 7x24x365.

They provide comprehensive customer contact solutions to meet clients’ specific needs. Offering customized solutions to resolve special problems, the international call centers are securely supported by state-of-the-art technologies. The short and long-term projects are managed by highly qualified and experienced business development professionals.

To keep costs low, some companies use international call centers, which draw on the services of people outside their country and use outsourcing to staff growing need for either service or sales. An international call center usually has a physical location or office, where staff has access to multiple phones, frequently works at computer terminals, and does their best to answer inquiries of customers, collect debts or promote sales.

The market is certainly growing, and companies may choose to have more than one call center, one domestic and at least one international call center to staff phones at 24 hours a day without having to pay overtime or shift differentials to domestic workers.

Having an international bpo certainly does save money on employee costs. Actually, more international call center data and research shows people answering your call from India are likely to be better qualified than people answering your call in the US.

If one is staying for a long time in a foreign country, he might just look for positions at an international bpo if he needs work. Since one of the main requirements of such call centers is strong English language skills, these jobs may be fairly easy to obtain, even on a short-term basis. There are literally thousands of such jobs available. Good phone manners, patience, great speaking skills and ability to learn about a company’s products or services are the most important requirements.

It must have a market and a product and have a low-cost base – but access to high-quality services. An international call center must have a reliable and user-friendly environment. It must have English as the lead language and must serve the major disposable income areas. It should have an infrastructure and disaster recovery services and have a labor pool. It should be located in areas of low political and economic risk and have high-tech and high-marketing skills at hand.

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