Internet Marketing – How to Advertise Online


Aside from the global reach the Internet has, it also offers a variety of advertising options, most of which are inexpensive.

Once you have decided to start advertising on the Internet, you need to launch your own website. Make sure you get a good website that looks professional, is user friendly and most importantly contains all the information a customer would require. This is very important as your website needs to grab people’s attention. If a potential customer is put off in any way, the likelihood is that they will not return to your website and will look elsewhere for the product. Once your website is up and running, you can then decide what internet marketing technique you will use to market your product.

The three most popular online marketing techniques would include Pay per Click Marketing, Affiliate Marketing and Article Marketing.

With pay per click marketing you only pay for your advertising when someone clicks on it and visits your website. Pay per click is done in search engines i.e. Google, or in other websites. If you do post your advert on other website you will pay the owner of that website a certain amount for every click generated by the ad. This is the most popular and cheapest online advertising technique.

You can also enter into an affiliate internet marketing relationship, whereby you make use of other websites to sell your product for you. These affiliates will promote and direct customers to your product and in doing so earn commission from you for each sale.

Article marketing works slightly differently. Instead of blatantly promoting your product you will need to write general articles related to your product and submit them to different online directories. The article will however contain a resource box where you can put your a link to your website thereby directing potential customers to your site.

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