Internet Marketing Strategies – Surveying Your List


If you want to know what people want to learn…maybe so you can build your next product, or maybe so you can know what to target for you next article or even for an ad campaign…the best and simplest way to find out is to ask.

Who are you going to ask? One of your internet marketing strategies should definitely include surveying your list! They are the people who already have a connection with you…so find out what they want to learn! Ask good questions that require more than a yes or no answer.

Here’s a little system that I learned from Alex Mandossian…ask the question in this format:
“What is your single, biggest question about blank?”

So, since my specialty is list building I could ask:
“What is your single, biggest question about list building?”

If your niche was organic gardening you would ask:
“What is your single, biggest question about organic gardening”

Your list will give you all sorts of feedback and good topics for future articles, courses, etc. For example you might have thought you should create a product on growing organic cucumbers but you find out that your list is more interested in growing organic tomatoes…or making compost for their garden…or keeping pests out of their organic garden.

So your list will actually direct you to create content that they want…and will probably pay for!

Once you have a topic, you can use that question format to dig in even deeper. For example,
“As a gardener, what is your biggest question about making compost?”

Key in your internet marketing strategies is to let your audience know they are important…well this is a cool psychological tool…your subscribers recognize that you listened to them…if you aren’t addressing their specific question they believe you are responding to someone else’s. So they feel heard and appreciated. That makes them more receptive to your information when you do provide it.

If you don’t have a list yet, then go to the forums in your niche. You don’t have to interact with them…for sure don’t try to sell everybody on your stuff. Pay attention to what the real questions are that real people are asking already and piggyback on those. So if you read a lot of questions about composting then you could use the delving deeper question format.

And don’t stop at the forums…use the social media tools to gather information. Twitter is a great place to ask these kinds of questions!

Asking, or surveying your list is a basic principle and it has been so powerful because it works! I try a lot of projects and I work on a lot of things. I’ve had far more successes when I focus my attention on finding out what my subscribers want to know and then filling that need for them rather than trying to shove down their throat whatever it is I think is important on that day. Then I make sure I provide quality content that really answers that pressing question and they keep coming back for more-because I give them what they want!

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