Internet Viral Marketing Hints and Tips – Ebook Marketing


Viral marketing is a method to make several people spread the message of yours either willingly or unwillingly. Hotmail is a good example of spreading message where the user does not have any control since Hotmail was free and the users were willing to allow this message to be present at the bottom of the mail.

Viral e-book marketing makes you build a massive targeted traffic flowing to your website and is a great way to build a database without much effort. The important aspect in e-book marketing is that the e-book you prepare must have quality content and should be made attractive so that people would read it and recommend it to their friends. This is a perfect strategy to spread your message within prospective customers and would spread exponentially like a virus within the online community.

The main purpose of creating such an e-book is to reach several millions of people within a short period of time. This marketing is highly contagious and it spreads fast with less effort and ensures that you reach your message to the targeted clients to promote your products to the potential clients. Everything in the e-book including the caption, subject and content must be attractive and have the necessary keywords that are related to your product. The article should be concise so that it makes it attractive to readers and they spend less time in understanding your message.

The marketing strategy for spreading your message through e-books should be multiple and should not depend on one particular strategy like sending newsletters to your subscribers. You could use pop up box and gather information of the subscribers and then send them the e-book. You could list it with several directories that would give it a great exposure and would help bring new customers to your fold. Another way to spread your message would be to join forums, post your profile and answer the questions within the forum and get the trust of the subscribers within the forum thereby promoting your e-book to these subscribers.

When you have a quality content which can enlighten several people then they would make a strong recommendation to others that would help the business grow and make it spread like a virus that is contagious. The more the people start trusting you the more they will recommend it, thereby increasing your customer base.

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