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Conjunctivitis is one of the common eye diseases which bother a large number of people at all ages. When people have conjunctivitis, their eyes will turn red, so it is also called as pink eyes. The following will give some introduction on the causes, symptoms and treatments for pink eyes in order to help people to learn more about it, read ahead.


Pink eye can be caused by the following factors: First, bacteria which causes cold, sinus, soar throat and other infections may cause pink eyes. And bacteria for sexually transmitted diseases such as Chlamydia and gonorrhea can also cause people to have pink eyes. Second, when people are exposed to some food or circumstances they are allergic to, they may have conjunctivitis. For example, if someone is allergic to chicken meat or grass, when they face these allergic substances, they may suffer from pink eyes. Third, some chemicals such as chlorine, soaps and polluted air and smoke can also cause irritation to people’s eyes and finally result in pink eyes. Fourth, if people wear outdated contact lenses, they are more likely to have giant papillary pink eyes. Therefore, people should make sure to change the lenses according to their valid date.


You may wonder to know the symptoms of pink eyes. The symptoms are different according to their causes, and the common symptoms are red eyes, eye irritation and pain. If the pink eye is caused by bacterial infections, people will have red and watery eyes, and the tears are out of control. This kind of pink eyes is highly contagious, if we have pink eye in one eye, and they will soon have both eyes with pink eyes. If the pink eyes are due to allergic environments, people will feel flowing tears, eye irritation and itch. This is non contagious, but both eyes can be affected almost at the same time. For people with giant papillary pink eyes, they will be unable to control their tears. And at this time, if people wear the old contact lenses, they will feel increased eye irritation and swelling in the inner sides of the eye lids.


For pink eyes caused by different factors, the treatment will be surely different. If the pink eyes are caused by bacteria, people can have some antibiotics and ointments to relieve from the pain. And they can also use a clean cloth dipped in the warm water to dissolve out-of-charge tears. If the pink eye is caused by virus, people will need no treatment, and the infection will disappear automatically as human immune system can fight against the infections. If our children is suffer from pink eyes caused by virus, we can get some medicines prescribed by the doctor to increase their immune system and use eye drops to relieve from eye irritation. Besides, people can take some anti-inflammatory, antihistamine medicines and have eye drops to overcome the eye irritation and soreness. And one important point we should keep in mind is to keep ourselves away from the allergic conditions.


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