Is it Safe to Eat Spicy Food During Pregnancy?


Many women have heard that eating spicy food during pregnancy can cause them to go into labor. Since there has been no conclusive research on this matter, each woman will need to look at the facts, and also decide what her own tolerances are. Therefore, many pregnant women wonder if it is all right to consume spicy food.

Since it has become fairly common to induce labor, many women may be looking for a way to accomplish this naturally. There is a fair amount of anecdotal evidence to indicate that those who consume spicy food within a few weeks of their due date may be able to induce labor in this way. This makes sense on a certain level because eating spicy food stimulates the digestive system, in turn stimulating contractions.

Currently, there has not been any research that would indicate that eating food containing spices during pregnancy will cause labor. There are however, a great many women who believe that contractions started within hours of eating a particularly spicy meal. Hot food makes your digestive system work harder than usual, and may even cause some irritation. Irritation can lead to diarrhea, which can cause dehydration, and it is known that potential consequence dehydration in pregnant women can be contractions. There is also a possibility that food with many spices can stimulate prostaglandin production. This is a hormone that can cause the smooth muscles of the body to contract, and this can lead to labor.

While it is possible that eating spicy food during pregnancy might cause you to go into labor, it’s up to you to decide whether you want to give it a try. If you enjoy hot food, but don’t want to cause premature labor, you probably don’t need to worry about it too much if you consume spicy food in moderation. Many pregnant women find they have less of a taste for very spicy dishes due to changes in their digestive system during this time. In addition, a great many pregnant women suffer from more heartburn than usual, and since spicy food can aggravate this, they choose to avoid it for that reason.

Since another potential consequence of eating hot food is diarrhea, pregnant women may choose to avoid it for that reason as well. Unless you specifically want to start contractions, you should generally avoid anything that causes extreme dehydration during your pregnancy. If you like spicy food however, and it seems to agree with your body, you should be able to eat it safely. Start with small amounts and see how your body responds. If it does well, eat a bit more. As long as you exercise moderation and stay hydrated, it should be perfectly safe.

Eating food with spices during pregnancy is something many women will avoid, simply because it can cause indigestion. Others may eat spicy dishes deliberately in an attempt to induce labor by natural means. Either way, consuming spicy food in moderation does not appear to be harmful in any way, and might even be beneficial to you.

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