Is There Just One Cause of Breast Cancer?


Over the years, various news reports have associated many different lifestyle factors with an increased risk of developing breast cancer. The most common have been: obesity, low levels of physical activity, using hormone therapy, eating meat, not eating enough fresh vegetables and fruit, alcohol consumption, smoking, not having children or having children ‘later’ in life, and not breast feeding.

Time and time again, we see reports and studies that point the finger of blame to just one factor. These short-sighted theories continue to fall flat on their faces. Of course it’s not just one thing. Of course it’s not just one cause. That’s unscientific thinking.

For every woman who, for example, has a low level of physical activity and also happens to develop breast cancer, there are many more who share the same sedentary lifestyle and will never develop the illness. Yet, we know of many extremely active women who have developed breast cancer. It’s not one thing.

It’s the same as the fit, trim, veggie-eating-picture-of health-person who suddenly experiences major health issues. Meanwhile that same person has relatives of a ripe old age who have never exercised a day in their lives, eat bacon and eggs and fast food all the time, can’t remember the name of a vegetable, let alone the last time they ate one, and lay on the couch all day watching television, drinking beer and smoking cigarettes! There they are – “healthy” at 90 years of age!

How do we explain this? It’s certainly not genetics. How could it be? Think of all the examples in your own family where that makes no sense. There’s always somebody who was “the first” to develop a so-called genetic disease. And there are always family members who will never develop certain chronic illnesses that their relatives have. It doesn’t add up.

In my family, my mom was the first and only to ever be diagnosed with breast cancer. She has 5 sisters and dozens and dozens of aunts and nieces. Her sisters are all in their late 70’s and 80’s now, and several aunts are in their 90’s. No breast cancer. She was the only one. Where’s the genetic connection?

The challenge is that it’s not that easy. It’s not that clear.

Our current level of health is 100% the result of the choices we have made up to this point in our lives, as well as the external environment we’ve been exposed to throughout the years.

Everything that we’ve ever eaten, drank, inhaled, every drug we’ve ever taken, everything we’ve ever thought or felt, how we’ve slept, our stress levels, how we’ve moved our bodies, how we feel about ourselves and others, whether or not we have children, whether or not we nursed them, every injury we’ve ever had, every toxin we’ve been exposed to in the air and water, every body care product we’ve ever used, every lawn and gardening product we’ve ever been exposed to, every bug spray and sunscreen we’ve ever applied, every vitamin we’ve ever taken, whether or not we’ve been vaccinated…

The science of Epigenetics does a much better job of explaining the cause of chronic illness than does genetics alone. Epigenetics quite simply proves that the environment is what determines the expression of our genes, not some mystical power within the genes themselves. Lifestyle choices create our environment.

We have trillions of cells in our body, and each one of them has it’s own stored memory of it’s experiences. Every person responds differently (physically, chemically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually) to life and its many intricate components. How could we possibly think that just one thing could affect us all the same?

It’s overwhelming to think about! I choose to focus on what I CAN control right here, right now. I can choose to create health by making pure and sufficient lifestyle choices (in what I eat, how I move and how I think), while simultaneously reducing or eliminating as many toxic and deficient choices as possible. Thanks to Dr. James Chestnut for simplifying lifestyle choices like this.

The choices I make NOW will determine my future health.

We may not know the one exact cause of cancer, but we DO know how people get sick… too much toxicity and deficiency for too long, without enough purity and sufficiency. We can change that.

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