Is Your Muay Thai Real?


Sometimes it’s rather difficult to know if you are learning, using, and practicing real Muay Thai. I will give you in this article very specific ways and questions that will reveal the truth. If you apply what I am going to tell you, I am sure you will no longer have any questions whether if you are learning an authentic martial art; furthermore, you will also know if the person who is teaching, instructing or training you is indeed qualified to be taking your money for lessons.

OK, let’s just get straight to it. I’m going to give you very specific questions to ask anyone that says they indeed know and instructs real Muay Thai.

1)When and where did this person fight in Thailand?

2)How many fights did he have in Thailand?

3)How long did he live in Thailand?

4)What gyms and camps did he fight for?

Let’s look at these in a little more detail: if the person did not fight in Thailand, then they have no idea what real Muay Thai is. Believe me, the real rules only exist in Thailand. Many countries use a different point system and most all prohibit the use of elbows, clinch fighting and clinch throws. These are all important to real Muay Thai training and fighting.

It is also difficult to say that you are qualified to instruct Muay Thai if you have had only one or two fights. You must remember that most pros in Thailand have had 200 or more fights before they go into full time professional teaching.

This also goes hand and hand with the fact that to have fought a great deal in Thailand it’s necessary to live in Thailand. Someone that merely passes his holidays in Thailand is not qualified to teach.

And if he was a full time fighter then he probably represented a gym or camp. Finding out what the camp’s name is and where it’s located is a good way to find out if the person is legitimate.

You see it’s very important in any field to know that you are learning and paying for a qualified professional who has the proper background to effectively teach you the correct way. These simple questions will help you eliminate wasted time, effort, heart ache, and expense.

I wish you well your endeavor to learn, train and use real Muay Thai.

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